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Mutton Punch

Mutton Masala, Nihari Curry Mix , Mutton Biryani

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₹206 | 300g

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1. Mutton Masala:
Flavarich Mutton Masala is full of robust spices that give your dish the rich delicious flavour that makes your Sunday lunch special aromatic affair. Click here to View Product Details
2. Nihari Curry Mix:
The Flavarich Nihari Curry Mix is a blend of special spices that give Nihari a distinct flavour and uplift the dish to royal status. Click here to View Product Details
3. Mutton Biryani:
Flavarich Mutton Biryani Masala gives the perfect balance of spice to your biryani giving it an edge above other. Click here to View Product Details

3 reviews for Mutton Punch

  1. Sanjay Saxena

    This masala combo pack makes mutton gravy and biryani easy to cook and retains the authentic taste.Quick delivery and good quality.

  2. Noushad Khan

    This mutton punch combo pack is fresh and authentic and used to prepare mouthwatering delicious mutton cuisines. One of the highest quality packing at fair prices with intense aroma and rich taste.

  3. Deepak Mishra

    This combo pack consists of each pack of mutton masala, nihari mix and mutton biryani masala and a perfect delight of mutton lovers. My favorite was nihari mix and perfect bend of all spices gave an authentic nihari curry taste. This combo pack has a reasonable price and perfect packing.

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