Chicken Biryani Masala

Flavarich Chicken Biryani Masala lends the right balance of aromatics and flavour

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Long-grained rice flavored with exotic spices such as saffron is layered with chicken, cooked in a thick gravy, the out come of a good biryani depends heavily on the quality of spices used.
Flavarich Chicken Biryani Masala lends the right balance of aromatics and flavour

7 reviews for Chicken Biryani Masala

  1. Pravin Kumar

    Biryani is easy to make with this masala.Rich aroma and taste is different from other brands.

  2. Anup das

    Loved the smell of the blended spices that tickles your taste bud.Quick delivery and pleased with the product packing.

  3. Rakshitha Singh

    One of the best biryani masala offered by flavarich and restaurant style biriyani with good aroma and taste can be made by this masala. Good product and reasonable price.

  4. Shovan Roy

    This is a trustworthy biryani masala which has the authentic flavor, aroma and spiceness to make a perfect mouthwatering biryani. Prompt delivery and product quality is well maintained.

  5. Shaan Rahman

    Combination of most exotic spices which is blended to give authentic taste and flavour of biryani and one of the best biryani masalas. U can enjoy chicken biryani at home by using this masala.

  6. NJ Singh

    Many biriyani masala brands are available in the market but this brand is awesome. I used to make chicken biryani masala using home made biryani masala which everyone likes at my home. I thought to bring a change in making biryani by trying some brands and atlast I got this brand. I thought at first whether to try this brand since this was not a famous brand. To my surprise my chicken biryani was so perfect and more tasty than usual. I followed the instruction as specified and amount of masala was also perfect. Perfect value for money and best brand.

  7. Shovan Roy

    This is one of the best biryani masalas I have ever used. You will get the aroma instantly while opening the pack. I am the guy who enjoys homemade food rather than restaurant foods. If you want to have some different taste, you can give it a try. Believe me, you will enjoy it.

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