Why do your spices have so inviting aroma?
Flavarich Spices are pure blend of best quality spices retaining the maximum possible volatile oil of the spice involved. We do follow GMP and also engage in the procurement of rich ingredients , as per FDA norms. This ensures the longevity of products aroma, essence , fragrance and shelf- life.
How do I store the spices?
We recommend air tight glass containers which should be kept away from sunlight or keep in your refrigerator in our compact gift pack.
Are hygiene standards maintained while manufacturing the spices?
We follow GMP standards and maintain highest possible hygiene standards while manufacturing the spices.
What is the normal shelf life of spices?
The normal shelf life of spices is 12 months from the date of packing.
How are they manufactured?
Flavarich Spices are manufactured with a mixed combination of age old traditional methods and modern techniques using only the best quality ingredients procured from the most reliable sources. We endeavour to maintain the highest expected standards for our products. Check out our process
What makes Flavarich Spices so special?
Flavarich Spices are manufactured by fully automated process using best quality ingredients, retaining its volatile oil without any compromise. We also endeavour to combine traditional ways and modern techniques of preparing the spices which gives a unique edge to its flavour and aroma.
Where can I get your products?
Across all leading online portals, on our website and all leading supermarkets/malls.
Can I share my recipes with you which I feel would help my friends on the internet?
It will be an honour for our panel of experts to review the recipe you would want to share. We will appreciate to have different recipes, as well as same recipe prepared in different ways and techniques too. Due credit will be given to the person sharing his/her recipe on our website www.flavarich.com and on other digital medias where we will showcase them viz.,facebook/soflavarich
How Do I Pay?
For online purchases, you can pay us in the following ways:

1. Credit and debit cards
2. NetBanking
3. Paypal
Does the company offer discount coupons?
We do provide discount coupons as and when company does promotional schemes.. On the shopping cart page, you will have an option to enter the promo code. After entering the code, press the “Apply” button next to the box. Once the promo code is applied, the amount of discount will be deducted from the total purchase value.
Do you ship outside India?
Presently, we do not ship outside India.
What is the estimated time for shipping?
Once you place an order, you will get an email as a confirmation from us, outlining the details of your order. Thereafter it will take 48-72 hours, for packing and shipping of products once an order is confirmed by us.
How are items packaged?
Our products are packaged in attractive gift pack. We take great care in the quality of our packaging to ensure there’s no damage to products during transit.
What are the delivery charges?
Punch in your area pin code in our shipping calculator to know more